Appearance (skin color) Core and extremities blue Core pink and extremities blue Core and extremities pink
Pulse Rate Absent Below 100/min Above 100/min
Grimace (irritability) No response Grimace Couch, sneeze, cry
Activity (muscle tone) Limp Some flexion of extremities Active motion
Respiratory Effort Absent Slow and irregular Adequate breathing

                          Work the Following Problems           


1) Baby is not moving arms or legs. Has a wimpy fussy moan.  Is pink on core and blue on arms. Pulse is 110. Breathing is irregular. 

2) Baby looks to be in pain, pulse is 80, breathing is slow, minimal flexion of arms, arms are blue - core is pink. 

3) Baby is kicking, pink core and arms, breathing is strong, crying, with heart rate of 80.  

4) Baby has blue hands, heart rate  of 130, weak cry, does not want to move knees but does a little, 50 for respiration. 

5) No breathing, no pulse, no movement, blue throughout, no response.

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