Number given Eye Opening Verbal Response Motor Response
6     Obeys verbal command
5   Oriented and converses Localizes pain
4 Spontaneous Disoriented and converses Withdraws from pain (flexion)
3 To verbal command Inappropriate words Abnormal flexion in response to pain (decorticate rigidity)
2 To pain Incomprehensible sounds Extension in response to pain (decerebrate rigidity)
1 No response No response No response

                          Work the Following Problems           


1) Patient is making some sound but not forming words, opens their eyes when pinched, and arms are extended. 

2) Patient is awake. Confused but tells you they do not know where they are.  Does follow motor commands. 

3) Patient's eyes open when you speak to them, they're cursing at you, when pinched they bring their hand to you to push you away.  

4) Patient's eyes are closed, they are making moaning sounds and elbows are extended.

5) Patient has no eye opening, does not respond verbally, and has no motor response.

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