This page provides information about the NREMT testing process as well as how to complete your NREMT and TxDSHS applications.


About the NREMT

NREMT Application Process. (Described step by step below video)

National Registry Application Process - Please print this page out and refer to it while completing the National Registry application online.

  1. Go to
  2. Click LOGIN at the top of the page.
  4. Enter Username:
  5. Enter password:
  6. The State Office Roles or State Office Access Code does not apply.  Leave blank.
  7. Press SUBMIT


  1. Go back to main page and click LOGIN again.
  4. Enter personal information that is requested and save/submit info to save.


  2. Then select EMT - BASIC
  3. If you click "review entry requirements" you will have to start the application again.
  4. Leave blank the "REFRESHER TRAINING REQUIREMENT" section.  It does not apply to you.
  5. Enter course completion date:
bulletEMTS' Carrollton Dec EMT class will use April 1, 2018

    6. Skip refresher course section.  Does not apply.
    7. EMS Education Program: Select TEXAS
8. EMS Education Program Name:

bulletEmergency Med Training Serv - Richardson or Carrollton  (either city will work) (#100535)

     9. Skip Program Section.  Does not apply

Register Information: If this is your first ever application or certification by the NREMT you will leave this blank.

  1. Enter your CPR expiration date:
bulletEMTS Carrollton Dec 2018 Course will use 12/31/2019

 2. Submit/save the information.

  1. Go to PAY APPLICATION FEE (located on left side of page)
  2. EMT Testing fee is $90.00 and includes NREMT application fees and written exam fees.

Once this is completed EMTS will receive an e-mail to verify your completion of the EMT program.  Once this is done your National Registry account will be updated with directions on how to contact a local computer exam testing facility.  So keep going back to your NREMT account to see if any updates have been made.


TxDSHS Application and Fingerprinting

The NREMT is only a testing agency.  Once a student passes the NREMT exam they have to be authorized to practice.  Students need to complete the TxDSHS EMT Application form and process.

1. Go to

2. Under "EMS Certification/Licensure Forms"  open the pdf for EMS personnel: ECA, EMT, EMT-I, EMT-P or LP

3. Complete application

bulletUnder section two:
  1. Course approval number:  Can also be found on your mailed completion certificate.  Dec 2017 EMT Class TxDSHS approval number is 612862
  2. Course completion date:  Month and year when internship completed.  Dec 2017 EMT Class will be April 2018
  3. Course city:  Carrollton
  4. Course state: Texas.
  5. You can send the application in before you take the NREMT.  You can leave this blank.  Once you pass the NREMT your results will be sent to TxDSHS and added to your application.
  6. Fee: $64 sent to Austin Texas as listed on application.

4.  New state policy:  You must mail your application to the state prior to having your fingerprints taken.  The Pre-Screen Petition was the questions in section 4 of application.  If you have a clean criminal history this process only takes a few days.  Fingerprinting instructions can be found just under the DSHS page that had the application file. "Texas Fingerprint Service Code Form"

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